Ways to Help

Pray for us. It costs nothing, but it means the world to us! ~Thank You!

Affiliates: When you make a purchase at these companies online – we get perks.

Weekly Meal Kit Service

Get $150 off your order, and we get $25. The quality is good and it’s not over-packaged. We always make it into a one-pot-wonder instead of following the recipes.

Online Grocery

Get $10 off your order, and we get $10. Quality organic produce (may look funny) and much more, always excellent.

30+ Medical Lab Tests

Get 15% off your purchase, and we get $35. I’ve used this company to find out what food sensitivities I have and it’s been super helpful to be able to avoid those foods and feel much better.

We love to visit Tropical Smoothie Cafe when we are leaving the Funkhouser Women’s Center. It’s super convenient and we have discovered that a smoothie during chemo treatment at the Hahn Cancer Center not only tastes wonderful, but ice cold foods help stave off chemo mouth sores! YAY! We would be delighted with a gift card to Tropical Smoothie Cafe, but please purchase specifically from a cafe location. I’ve read that cards purchased online can be sketchy and I don’t want anyone wasting their money!!

Another Affiliate Option

If you are interested in a Young Living membership, sign up here. For your purchase, I get a small credit toward the non-toxic plant-based products I purchase. The products I prefer include essential oils, nutritional supplements, Thieves Household Cleaner, Savvy Minerals, skin care, and hair care products. Helpful Tip: get on the “Essential Rewards” program for the best prices. My member number is: 12282510

Ways to help out – no $$ needed

Play with the Dog If you live close by, text my Austrian about spending some time with Coco, our border collie mix. She loves having someone willing to throw the ball for her… over and over… and over again. It’s impossible to wear her out, but we sure wouldn’t mind some help trying. *Limited to friends and family