Coming home from all those medical tests I started to realize that I no longer had the bandwidth to face another full-time term in grad school. I spent some time with the Associate Dean at EMS, and we have lightened my seminary load down to one class

I’m grieving that decision because being in those classes with my classmates learning that material is precisely what I wanted to be doing with the beginning of 2023!!

But… naturally a healing journey requires my focus at this time.

Dr Bixler also advocated for me in the financial aid department, and so my bill for this semester of seminary is clear and I’m so grateful to see God’s provision and the support of my seminary community happening in this beautiful way. What a beautiful gift!

4 responses to “Grad School Update”

  1. Austrian Avatar

    I love you. You are not alone.

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    1. Carmen Shenk Avatar

      I am so blessed. 💜💚💙


  2. Sharon N Avatar
    Sharon N

    One less financial item to worry about!And the knowledge you gain from that class will help carry your spirit through your starfish journey. What a wondrous God we serve!

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