We met at an online conference and followed each other on social media. We connected over a shared love of funky handmade jewelry.

Yesterday a plain mailer showed up and I was trying to figure out what I had ordered as I walked in the house with it. Inside was this beautiful card with these custom made-for-me earrings. 💗💗💗

The kind words in the card made my face all drippy and just look at these beautiful earrings! I will wear these with so much joy!!

I’d like you all to meet Jessica Murray. She makes beautiful earrings with leather, often in a feather shape which feels to me like being in “the shadow of His wings”. She adds beautiful colors, and sometimes a bit of sparkle or an added bead or charm. She’s got a huge heart!! We connected online as entrepreneurs, and here we are connecting again over life’s challenges.

I’m so grateful she’s in my life!

(Thank you Jessica!!!)

Jessica J Murray, Artist


One response to “Beautiful Kindness”

  1. littleprincess Avatar

    Thanks for the shout out, though it was not necessary. I just wanted you to know you are in my prayers.
    And I do (mostly) feather shapes because whether rising up on wings of eagles, hiding under the safety of a wing, or need reminding that there are angel among us, we need the reminders – or they wouldn’t also be in His Word. So, yes, your reference to Psalm 91 is accurate. God bless you exceedingly abundantly! – your sister in Christ

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