I wasn’t terribly uncomfortable there, laying on my belly with my arms over my head and my breasts in the waffle irons. This sort of MRI takes much longer than a mammogram, but less compression. (On a 1-10 pain scale, it’s a 1) BB King was keeping me company with some soulful blues, accompanied by MRI noise. Sometimes the MRI was even on pitch and in time, and sometimes not so much.

I decided to look around for Jesus and found that I could feel him standing next to my right hip. That was cool. He stayed the whole time and I think I was nearly asleep by the time the lovely MRI tech told me “five minutes more” and of course those five minutes were the longest out of the thirty.

We arrived at Sentera at about 10:15 and a gentlemen took me directly back to imaging, no waiting. Of course they want to know if you’ve got any bullets or pacemakers or other stray bits and pieces in your body before you go in. I felt very ordinary as I answered that I had metal in my teeth and plastics on my eyeballs, but other than that – nothing that would indicate that I’ve lived an interesting life. I suppose a starfish is as interesting as it gets right now, especially since my temporary tattoo has faded. (I’ll fix that.)

After I changed into scrubs, a lovely young woman came and got me and we chatted about our favorite TikTok creators while she got me set up. The guy who makes recipes found in old cookbooks is hilarious! He tried baking peanut butter in an onion – which was a predictable horror on every level. He also made a cake with pinto beans, peanuts, and eggs from a recipe from 1955. Apparently the pinto bean cake was magic, but can someone explain what was happening in 1955 that such a cake was created? I have questions. We actually were having a lot of fun while she dug around in my arm for my bashful veins.

She finally got the butterfly needle in place on my right hand and neatly taped up. As the saline went into my arm, it froze like a scene from Narnia and fell right off at the elbow. Maybe that is what has happened to all those classical marble sculptures with no arms.

The MRI really wasn’t difficult with Jesus right there, He really helped me to relax into it. And when I came out the crew handed me a little glass swan with a few fresh flowers in it, and a balloon that says “Happy Birthday” on it. Wasn’t it thoughtful of the MRI crew members? They had noticed on my chart that yesterday was my birthday. What a lovely treat! Wow!

Yesterday was our 10 year wedding anniversary. Over the years we have loved going to O’Charlies for a steak, potatoes, veg, topped off with a slice of French silk pie. Well, my pie eating days are behind me (food allergies) but it was lovely to go back there and have a delicious lunch plus some Vit C to help my body detox the radiation. Then home to Coco! When she saw the balloon it freaked her out and so she had a lovely bark…. spurred on by the Austrian in the background making it dance for her.

I don’t know what else to add here, I’m just really grateful for sensing the closeness of Jesus in an MRI. 2023 is the year for our healing, friend. I believe that with all my bits and pieces. If you want to keep hearing these stories, then put your email address in the slot bottom right, and click subscribe. I won’t be sharing your email address with anyone!

Sending love your way!

One response to “Jesus in an MRI”

  1. Austrian Avatar

    Coco(nut!) knows that something is up, so she waits patiently until we are home and then it is ballo-balleis-ballei-ballomen-ballete-ballousin-time!


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