I entered #breastcancer and pressed the search icon. Suddenly I saw thousands of beautiful women in crisis. There were lots of tears, stories of trauma, photos of breasts augmented by surgery, and lots and lots of fear that the cancer would come back.


I closed the browser window pretty fast. I wasn’t ready to see that much raw pain.

1 in 8 women have cancer in their life time.


Between the long death journey of my Mum, combined with the extra precautions we took so that we didn’t take covid to her or Dad… my circle got small.

And now I’m getting surprise messages from women who have walked this path. They’re sending offers to be present in whatever way I may need. 💚💙💜

Someone stopped my Austrian with a message for me and as he told me what she said, I burst into tears. He looked distressed/perplexed (displexed?) and asked what was wrong as he pulled me close. (The man is brilliant – hug is never the wrong answer!)

“I have more friends than I realized” I blubbered… leaning into his shoulder. Bless my heart.

Ok, so I don’t cry over the starfish, but I do cry over people being lovely. I can see that this could get messy – I know a lot of absolutely lovely human beings!

Isn’t the Lord kind?

I enjoyed discovering Jesus in my MRI so much that I have been looking around and asking Him where He is. Today He was sitting on the chair on the back porch as my Austrian made lunch. So I sat right on that chair right on top of invisible Jesus and threw the ball for Coco.


6 responses to “#breastcancer”

  1. Ginny Hartzler Avatar

    Hi Carmen! We are praying for you! We are all so blessed to have you and Xaver in our church family, You each add such important aspects that we needed badly! You are so strong and smart, I have no doubt that you will beat this. Many blessings. Ginny


    1. Carmen Shenk Avatar

      Thanks Ginny! Our love to you and Phil! 💕


  2. Vanessa Ellen Baird Avatar
    Vanessa Ellen Baird

    Jesus loves the little children. Children take baby steps. He wants us to take baby steps, too.

    Yes, you have many friends and are greatly loved.


  3. Cindy Avatar

    Thank you for each of your blog posts. I have read them all and find that they give me strength and courage as I read about your journey. I am half way done with my radiation treatments for breast cancer after also having had surgery. Your writing is beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carmen Shenk Avatar

      Hang in there Cindy! Totally rooting for you! 💙💚💜


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