My first chemo was Monday. By Wednesday, I needed no nausea meds – which feels pretty triumphant. I had some tired points, but overall it was a rather lovely day.

The cool auto-inject gadget thing yesterday evening (not painful at all) infused a drug that was to encourage white blood cells to come out fighting – and was expected to cause bone pain, but I didn’t notice any.

It was actually a cool little gadget that saved me a trip back to the cancer center, for which I am grateful. It had a proper flashing light, and made a clicking noise (like any good scifi robotic cyborg health gadget should have) before it started infusing the drug (Neulasta) into my system for 45 minutes.

When it was done, you pull up the tape and pull the thing off and toss it – crazy easy. The little needle seems to have been made from nylon, it was very fine and I could flick it, it had plenty of give. The initial sensation of the injection is much like being snapped with an elastic band, but then the second day when the med is actually delivered, that part was nearly painless. I really wondered if it was working but when the dial moved from full to empty and the light went off – it had done its work. Now it lives in my jar of artifacts of this journey. I don’t like the whole thing of filling the landfill with single use disposable items like this, but I am grateful not to make another trip back to the hospital just for a shot.

The pill before bed made me sleep the entire night, which was a weird but sort of wonderful thing.

Our prayers are answered yet again.

God is not unwilling to bless us.

For this I am grateful.


PS: And with my Austrian’s help I have a funky new asymmetrical bob hairstyle that I am enjoying. My hair is not taken from me, we are making it an offering.

11 responses to “Day 3 of chemo”

  1. Kendra Gehman Avatar
    Kendra Gehman

    I’m giggling over an “asymmetrical bob”. And grateful that you still have no need for nausea meds and had a real sleep!!!! Did you have an appt today? I’d hoped to help with transport but Clair had it figured out before I could rearrange grandkid pu from school and then hang out with them awhile. Maybe soon?! Love you dear one.

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    1. Carmen Shenk Avatar

      There will be other opportunities! I am so grateful fr you! 💕


  2. Cindy Avatar

    I’m thrilled at how well you are tolerating these treatments! Your attitude and spirit of gratitude and appreciation make a huge difference in your recovery. It’s all so interesting.

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    1. Carmen Shenk Avatar

      Mindset is everything! 💕


  3. Janice M. Avatar
    Janice M.

    Your hair will grow back, and yes, God is sooo good.


  4. Celah Penxcw Avatar
    Celah Penxcw

    I pray that you can breathe in the strength and beauty of the Holy Spirit today as you continue your journey of courage.

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  5. Rachel Miller Avatar

    In tears from the comment about your hair being given. So true, and so happy that you have come to this peace. I also see the chemo as working like a pac-man. Our kids had a pac-man game where this big round ball with a mouth went after little creatures. When my Mom took chemo I found a pac-man balloon and I told her to see the chemo as pac-man coming after the those little guys. I do see cancer as very smart little guys who talk to each other etc.

    I’m also visual about blood cells and veins talking to each other. A lifetime of working in oncology and hospice.

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    1. Carmen Shenk Avatar

      Thanks for this! Those visual images are helpful. I’ve read a little bit about mindset ways we can help our bodies heal, and visualization is definitely on that list. 💕


  6. Lori Avatar

    Dear Colorful Carmen,

    I found you as I began my weaving journey and came across your rainbow warp. How apropos for the beautiful spirit I encountered in your posts and writings. If a warp is the main structure for all that is woven into it, your rainbow of curiosity, discovery and deep inquiry into our human/spiritual experience and artful creativity are the colorful structures of your life weave. May this healing journey be simply another interesting weft woven into your life cloth. One day, you will advance that cloth and move on to a new palette of color, a new weft of health and creativity, with all that brings joy and depth into your life. In the meantime, I am keeping you and your Austrian in my prayers.


    PS. I once had an asymmetrical haircut with one side shaved. One of my most favorite cuts!

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    1. Carmen Shenk Avatar

      Best metaphor ever, thank you so much for your encouragement!! 💚💙💜


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