A) A place in California.

B) William’s online shop where you are certain to spend way too much on posh Kitchen equipment that’s oh so pretty.

C) A fluid filled pocket that can develop after surgery. The cause is unclear, but if treatment is required – it consists of simply sticking a hypodermic needle into the sonoma and sucking out the liquid. You know, the opposite of making an eclair. (Did I just ruin eclairs for anyone?) #evilglutenfreelaugh

*edited to add that the actual medical term is “seroma” but I didn’t even notice the difference until a friend pointed out my misspelling. Spelling is note me strung soot.


A) losing your keys 10 minutes after you found them (after searching everywhere for two days).

B) the lowest point of a valley in contrast to the highest peak in the mountain range.

C) a medical term describing the period between chemo treatments where your immune system is at its lowest but you’ll still be hungry for the tamales at one of your favorite local restaurants.


A) Elmo’s fuzzy cousin who is a not-very-pleasant shade of green.

B) The key ring marked “Mo” for the candy apple red 1956 Morgan in the garage. (Hey, I can dream.)

C) When you are contractually bound to put a pink ribbon on your car and purchase a bevy of pink clothing that opens up the front for easy port access. Don’t forget the pink shoes – and you get extra credit if the shoes are pink crocs!


A) The point at which everyone around you loses their minds and says that a fever of 100.7 means you absolutely must get to the ER to be around sick people post haste.

B) When you get roundly scolded by the oncology nurse for taking one Tylenol and going to bed… even though that’s not generally bad advice. Mask your face, but not your symptoms!

C) When your remarkable Austrian spends some quality time in the seventh level of phone hell trying to find a warm body in the Sentara loop who will actually connect him to the oncologist on call…

Chemo Rash

A) When a surprise zit convention is held on your face and neck and reminds you of your traumatic adolescent skin all over again.

B) See point A + prom

C) See point A + school photos

In conclusion, I saw Dr Surgeon today who thought there may be a sonoma from my lymph node surgery (it’s pretty inconclusive), but it does not require intervention at this time. Good!

I have entered the Nadir stage of this first round of chemo, my blood work looks great. I’m feeling a little achy and low energy, but pretty good considering they threw the medicinal kitchen sink at this starfish.

I had a tiny little fever over the weekend and refused to go to the ER. I have been roundly scolded and efforts were made to frighten me, but let me be clear. I am the expert in me. I knew I was ok. And, the bloodwork came back showing that all is well. So I am vindicated and will therefore be perfectly intolerable from here on out!

God bless my Austrian. Y’all say a prayer for him. We are so well matched. His stubbornness is only barely outclassed by my fierceness.

Be yourself, friend. Nobody else would know how.

Sending so much love your way!


Here’s a comprehensive collection of breast cancer terminology (and there is A LOT) that you might find helpful: Breast Cancer Glossary.

8 responses to “Take the Cancer Vocab Quiz”

  1. Avatar

    All suspicions have been adequately addressed, with an incredible conclusion!!! Who in the world are your parents……….do they know about you??? Best wishes for the rest of the day, I am still chuckling………. pops

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cindy Avatar

    Great post, full of interesting information imparted in a humorous way. Prayers for both you and your Austrian- what a team!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rachel Miller Avatar

    You can go from stage 1 to stage 4 sepsis in literally hours. After all you have endured you do not want to die from sepsis. Please listen to the nurses and Drs. They are concerned for a reason. I almost died from sepsis myself at age 29, I had no clue how ill I was. It’s not a bad way to go. I was going to sleep, so relieved to be able to sleep, I awoke three days later. My Dr wanted to know why I wanted to die. Oncology nurse that I was, I had to clue How sick I was.


    1. Carmen Shenk Avatar

      Yikes!! SO glad you are here!!!


  4. Janice M. Avatar
    Janice M.

    Bless you today. Keep up the good work. Prayer is wonderful for you and your Austrian.


  5. Everything Happens for a Reason? – Shenk.Blog Avatar

    […] have a seroma in my left armpit that’s become quite large and painful. I have an appointment to have it […]


  6. Debra F Avatar
    Debra F

    I have old, well worn with love, somewhat dirty pink crocs if you need?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carmen Shenk Avatar

      LOL, such a sweet offer but I have plenty of shoes. 💕


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