This morning my Austrian gave me a beautiful buzz cut. My patchy partially bald head also had stained purple spots from my last attempt at adding color. We prayed a quick prayer and then dove in with the buzzer, tears running. The grief is real.

Here’s a “before” photo…

I know some folks invite a video camera into this moment, but that would have been an invasion into our holy ground. Jesus was there, holding my hands, and guiding my Austrian’s hands.

Later I scooted out to get the mail and a card came from a friend with the reminder that I am beautiful with hair, and I will be beautiful without. I am so grateful for kind friends who listen to the quiet voice of Jesus and send the note that feels like such a miracle to the one receiving it – a gift of love! And right at the moment I needed to read those words!

This amazing moment reminded me that when I needed some hat options to cover these weird spreading bald patches, that a friend arrived with a box of hats for me.

And when I found a few “very me” options of chemo caps online – that was precisely the moment a friend sent me a check that was enough to cover the whole order, tax included. What a blessing!

I love seeing Jesus embodied in these beautiful friends moving in a spirit of kindness and compassion! What a gift to have friends who pray for you and send reminders of the love of Jesus. I am safe in the Everlasting Arms.

And so are you.

May God meet every need you have today. May our God-awareness continue to grow and expand! Jesus is with us.

Sending love your way!


8 responses to “Timing”

  1. LittlePrincess Avatar

    You truly are beautiful! You are in my prayers.

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  2. Ron Baer Avatar
    Ron Baer

    You have always been very beautiful. Now you’re beautiful in a new way. I wish I could plant a kiss on the top of your incredibly beautiful head!


  3. Celah Pence Avatar
    Celah Pence

    Dear Carmen, It seems like a holy moment. And it also hits me in the gut that you have to go through this – I’m sure your other readers/friends feel this too. I’m observing that Jesus and loved ones are walking in company with you, witnessing your dignity, and surrounding you with love. As you continue to move through this with honesty and some dark humor, may “you overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13. Celah

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    1. Carmen Shenk Avatar

      Thank you Celah, I appreciate your kind words.


  4. Ginny Hartzler Avatar
    Ginny Hartzler

    The joy shines from your face even brighter without hair!! It only enhances your beauty. And I will say again, you are such an inspiration…you are like a guidebook for others to get through this.

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  5. Cindy Avatar

    You are and will always be so sweet and lovely. 💕

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  6. Liisa Avatar

    Oh, my!! I love to see your beautiful smile. You ARE beautiful, dear sister in Christ. You are an inspiration.

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  7. 3 Generations Avatar
    3 Generations

    You! One of the special few who have a pretty head. We would never have known without your offering of hair to Him who loves us most.


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