This morning I spent some time at the Women’s Center. First, I had a seroma drained at the site of my lymph node surgery. (A seroma is a pocket of fluid that forms in the space that was open for surgery.) This is a quick and relatively painless (the only pain in the numbing needle) process done by the radiologist, and I got to watch it shrink on the ultrasound screen. Yay! Victory!

Secondly, I had an ultrasound of the starfish. The initial measurement Jan 16, 2003 was 2.1 x 2.1 x 2 cm and today’s measurement is 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.4 cm, and that means TREATMENT IS WORKING!!! Thank You Jesus!

Then we had a little chat with Dr Surgeon who said I’m doing great. My energy has been low through this last nadir (nadir = days #7-15 of the chemo cycle with your immune system is the lowest) and that’s perfectly normal. The brain fog is hecka annoying but also normal. I’m sleeping pretty well. I have been able to get a few things done here and there, not as much as my Mennonite work ethic might wish. I don’t have a lot of other uncomfortable symptoms. We have a small house, so there isn’t a lot to take care of. (Cabin fever is a thang) We live super simply and I have everything I need. On the drive to hospital this morning I saw lots of lovely blooming trees and spring flowers in bloom. It was so good for the soul! Friends are praying and surrounding us with moral support. Jesus walks with us. I am healing from the inside out! (I will eventually share some of the ways I am experiencing emotional and spiritual healing, but right now feels too soon.)

We had a celebratory Bojangles breakfast and sat snuggled up to each other in the booth, both so grateful for the many ways God has blessed us.

Now that I’ve had my flavorful and greasy breakfast, and made it home without hurling, I’m going to try to go back to the healthy stuff. LOL! (Does anyone crave healthy food?!) I will continue to try to stay off the sugar and keep up the at-home treatments. We are making progress, Y’all. We are making progress!

Thank you for being a part of this blessing! I pray often for healing to flow your way as well.

Sending love and gratitude!


5 responses to “Shrinking”

  1. Ginny Hartzler Avatar
    Ginny Hartzler

    Hurrah, wonderful news!!!!

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  2. Lori de los Santos Avatar
    Lori de los Santos

    I am so very happy to hear this news!

    Rest. Nourish. Fill your eyes and spirit with the beauty of color and spring.

    I know you do not know me but I am sending you thoughts of vibrant health and healing every day.

    Lori d

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  3. Ruth Avatar

    Glad to hear the treatment is helping and praying you both stay strong!
    Much love from a German in Brittany
    Ruth 😘

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  4. 3 Generations Avatar
    3 Generations

    The shrinkage brought me great joy and some relief. We’re on the right track!


  5. Robin Avatar

    So happy to read this💃


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