I had a burst of energy today to make the first video I have made since my diagnosis back in January! And I picked up the book “Atomic Habits” to begin to learn how to make micro habits… hopefully I can make some habits that will help me through the rest of chemo (Just passed the 1/2 way mark of chemo – YAY!) and into my next semester in Seminary (which needs to be a full time case load in order to keep my health insurance). I have so much to learn and am such a work in progress. I’m happy to try though, and hope to have the strength I need through the second half of chemo. Looks like I’ll be finishing up chemo in mid July, and I’m so looking forward to that!! Then surgery, and then radiation – which I’m not looking forward to!

Here is episode 2 of /vois/ journal. I was looking at the dictionary for the word “voice” and saw the pronunciation guide and I fell in love with the beautiful simplicity of /vois/. Finding my voice is something that resonates with me – and most certainly it won’t be the same for me as it is for others. We don’t all sound the same! The only person who can be me – is me. So I will continue to seek and express my own God-given vois. To do so is an expression of gratitude and respect for the handiwork of God. For we are His workmanship created to the praise of his glorious grace.

Let me know what you think of my bald head and the message in my video in the comments.

And as always, thanks for dropping by my blog and for being a part of my healing. I also hope that you find aspects of what you read/view here that are also healing for you.

Sending love your way,


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