I’ve written about the process of losing my hair, but today I created a video overview with lots of photos – including one of how my scalp looked after huge clumps of hair came out after a misguided effort to add a little purple to my dull locks (which also stained my scalp – making it look even more sketchy). Brace yourself! LOL!

Here is my crafted prayer:

I am making my hair an offering.

It is not stolen from me.

I give it to the one who gave it to me.

Giving my hair is an embodied prayer.

I am a work in progress and this manner of approaching the hair loss aspect of chemo may be unique to me. I’m not suggesting you be like me, I’m reporting on my own experience. However hair loss plays out for you, the feelings that you feel, the fears and concerns you have – in all of it – you are not doing it wrong, and you are not alone. I pray you’ll have an awareness of God’s nearness in this journey.

Sending love your way,


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Often asked questions about chemo hair loss:

  • At what stage of chemo does hair fall out? Mine started falling out right away between 1st and 2nd chemo. Between 2nd and 3rd chemo, my hair came out in clumps. I’m on chemo 4 now, and the top of my head is nearly bald, and I have some hair remaining around the lower back of my head – not unlike male pattern baldness. I have buzzed the back of my head once since the original buzz cut.
  • Does chemo mean hair loss? Generally speaking, yeah. There is a cold cap option now on the market however, it’s not covered by insurance, it’s very expensive, it adds an hour before and an hour after chemo, it’s very uncomfortable. And at the Cancer Center where I get my infusions, they’ve seen a case where in taking off the cold cap, her hair was coming out in clumps. Therefore, I decided against even trying that option. I do not regret my decision.
  • How does chemo hair loss start? With strands falling out when you run your fingers through your hair, or noticing strands of hair on your pillow, or more hair in your hair brush than usual.
  • How much chemo causes hair loss? One infusion was enough to start the process for me.
  • Does chemo hair loss hurt? No, unless leaving hair tangles with attached hair in the process. Your head is actually losing hair follicles which is causing the hair loss, so there is no longer a connected root to hurt when the hair comes out.
  • Does hair lost to chemo regrow? Yeah, but it could be different. I’m hoping mine comes back white (my grandmother had snow white hair) and with a little curl! I don’t think we get to order our replacement hair, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.
  • Does chemo cause hair loss everywhere? Yeah, my eyebrows are super sparse, my eyelashes are barely there, and most of my nose hairs are gone. You’ll notice you have less hair everywhere, yes… everywhere. I have not lost every hair, but I have noticed hair loss everywhere – if that makes sense.
  • How to deal with hair loss? Read my story/watch my video. Look for other stories from other people. Write out your fear, anger, and sense of loss. Get hair cuts and make the hair loss journey on your own terms. Have fun with finding scarves, hats, wigs, etc that feel like a good expression of who you are. Make sure you have some extra comfy options for those times when your head is cold (overnight) and you just want something super comfortable. (affiliate links) And if you would like a cliché for the process, try this one: This too shall pass.

3 responses to “Chemo Hair Loss”

  1. Ron Baer Avatar

    You are a treasure dear cousin!!


  2. Beverly Whitcomb Avatar

    I love reading your posts.. You are so upbeat about it all. A good lesson for us all.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Grandma Lilley Avatar
    Grandma Lilley

    What I liked was not shaving my legs. Even now, it’s not half as much as it used to be.

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